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Five Stars..."The Cornmarket Conspiracy is a fast-paced tale of greed, corruption, and abuse of power that grabbed me from page one and refused to let go. Author Sharon Hoisager maneuvers an intricate plot using multiple POVs that instantly hooks you in and keeps you engaged with its twists and turns. The narrative switches POVs with each chapter to provide easy access into the headspace of the antagonists. The characters feel flawed and realistic, making them compelling to read. My favorites of the bunch were Jeffrey and Annie. . . . To cap off, The Cornmarket Conspiracy was a joy to read. Highly recommended." -- Reader's Favorite Book Reviews

"In The Cornmarket Conspiracy, no one can be trusted. Hoisager's sophisticated writing style makes this book a serious drama that will keep readers on edge as they unravel the intricate web of motives behind the heinous terror attack. Stricking perfect balance of intense and contained, The Cornmarket Conspiracy has all the qualities to make a gripping political thriller." -- The Book Review Directory

"...a powerful saga that provides more than a conspiracy story, but a social examination that will keep readers engaged and thinking long past the tale's conclusion." -- D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

"Hoisager delivers a page-turning story laced with a mix of treason, conspiracy, and international intrigue as she weaves her characters through London and Paris, making The Cornmarket Conspiracy a very exciting read that begs for a sequel."

L.L. Abbott, author, The Blackwater Operative


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