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One cold, foggy December night, a EuroStar train, loaded with more than four hundred passengers, enters the English Channel Tunnel for a routine trek between Paris and London. On board, Andrew Bolling, Special Council to the British Prime Minister, is making his way home from a disappointing weekend in Paris. As the train careens through the underwater tunnel, a horrifying explosion rips the train apart.

Jeffrey Hunter, Chief of Staff to the British Prime Minister, is charged with spearheading the investigation into the attack. While he fights to protect his country, and unravel his friend’s involvement, he discovers that the true motive for the attack is something no one has yet suspected . . .

Early Reviews for The Cornmarket Conspiracy...

" ... a gripping and compelling thriller from Sharon Hoisager, where you're kept hooked to the very end to find out what exactly happened." --Alex Telander, Manhattan Book Review  

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